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Double Dragons Celebrating Longevity

The main pattern of the painting is two dragons with a ball. The two dragons are chasing each other from head to tail, flying through the clouds and fog, surrounding a circular “Shou” pattern, referring to longevity. The word “Shou” is added with the element of the word “卐”. The word “卐” is a Buddhist symbol, referring to good luck. After it was introduced into China, it was interpreted as “ten thousand”. The word “Shou” in the figure integrates the word “卐”, which means “unlimited longevity”. The blank space between the two dragons is decorated with bats, “bat” and “Fu” are homonymous, symbolizing auspiciousness in Chinese culture. The four corners of the pattern on the edge of the picture are also bat patterns. The bat’s head is decorated with the word “King”, which echoes with the dragon pattern, symbolizing the supreme power of ancient Chinese emperors. The four sides are decorated with strip cloud dragon pattern, which integrates the dragon pattern and the word “longevity”, which is also the pattern of “Double Dragons Celebrating Longevity”. The picture embodies the good hope of happiness and longevity.

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