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Dragons in the Han Dynasty

洪福遠 , 1985

The picture is themed with dragon patterns and composed in sections. At the top are the words “Han Dragons”. The dragon head pattern below the words comes from the Han Dynasty (202BC-220). It evolved from the ancient beast “Taotie”, which has the function of expelling evil spirits and calming ghosts. It was originally used on the gate with a door ring under it, and later evolved into a decorative pattern on jade, bronze and other utensils. In the box below the dragon head, there are four layers of dragon patterns. The dragon patterns are flexible and powerful. These dragons, which originated from bricks and jades of the Han Dynasty, are decorated with cloud patterns or wings, symbolizing flying and full of a sense of sanctity. The dragon pattern in this painting is winding and dynamic, reflecting the vigorous power of the dragons in the Han Dynasty.

  • 洪福遠
  • Painting, Wax Painting
  • 190cm X 90cm

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