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Fish and Dragon

洪福遠 , 1986

The pattern consists of fish and dragons. Fish is an important pattern in Miao batik. In ancient Miao culture, fish is a symbol of women. It is fertile and soft. It is a symbol of reproduction. The dragon is a legendary animal in China and a symbol of the Chinese nation. In this picture, the fish and dragon are drawn in geometric patterns, which are childish and lovely, interspersed with auspicious patterns in Chinese culture. For example, the bottom decorative belt is Fang Sheng composed of fish, which is the headdress of the legendary Queen Mother of the West, symbolizing longevity. The main pattern has two rows of yellow plate patterns at the top and bottom, symbolizing the implementation of the circle and the origin of all things. The picture is lively and bright in color, and the pattern has great national characteristics and decoration. It has won ten gold awards.

  • 洪福遠
  • Painting, Wax Painting
  • 65cm X 60cm

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