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Green Tara

洪福遠 , 1995

Green Tara is the incarnation of Avalokiteshvara. She is green and slim. She sits on the lotus, with her left foot bent and right foot stretched downward. Her right foot steps on the lotus, indicating that she is ready to get up and save the suffering beings at any time. She puts her right hand on her right knee and made a varada mudrā to show mercy to all sentient beings. The Green Tara has strong power, which can eliminate the troubles and pain and meet the wishes of all sentient beings, and realize longevity, peace and auspiciousness in the world. In the lower right corner of the picture is the Ekajati of Tibetan Buddhism representing wisdom, and in the lower left corner is Maricideva, the God of invisibility and disaster elimination.

  • 洪福遠
  • Painting, Wax Painting
  • 120cm X 120cm

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