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Guan Gong

洪福遠 , 1995

Guan Yu was a famous general at the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty (25-220). At the end of the Han Dynasty, he and Zhang Fei followed Liu Bei in the uprising. After Guan Yu died, people called him “Guan Gong”, representing courage and loyalty. Until the Yongzheng period of the Qing Dynasty (1723-1735), Guan Yu was respected as “martial saint” and had the same status as “literary saint” Confucius. In Southeast Asia, Guan Gong’s belief is very popular. Guan Gong’s worship can be seen in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines and other places. The image of Guan Yu riding with a knife in the picture comes from the allusion of “Going to the Meeting with a Single Knife”. It is said that Liu Bei and Sun Quan had a dispute over the partition of Jingzhou. In order to solve the problem, Lu Su invited Guan Yu to negotiate, and both went with a single knife. The upper left corner of the picture shows Guan Yu’s Opera image, showing Guan Yu’s loyalty and bravery with an all red face.

  • 洪福遠
  • Painting, Wax Painting
  • 170cm X 90cm

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