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Jade Dragon

洪福遠 , 1986

This picture is painted with green dragons. The flat dragon shape derives from the jade of the Han Dynasty (202BC-220). The dragon pattern in the upper right corner is composed of dragon and phoenix. The dragon head is on the top and the dragon body is S-shaped. On the right side of the dragon body, there is a shrinking phoenix. The dragon’s and phoenix’s merge and curl below, symbolizing the auspiciousness of dragon and phoenix. The dragon and phoenix patterns have smooth lines and integrate many deformed cloud patterns. The jade dragon on the left comes from the“jade huang” of the Han Dynasty. Both the left and right ends are dragon heads. The dragon body is decorated with coiled patterns, that is, the little dragon pattern. The jade dragon body below is also decorated with coiled patterns. Dragon represents the supreme imperial power in Chinese traditional culture. The dragon jade pattern from the Han Dynasty implies a happy family and a smooth career.

  • 洪福遠
  • Painting, Wax Painting
  • 50cm X 40cm

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