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Music Bodhisattva

洪福遠 , 2001

This picture originated from Dunhuang murals in Gansu Province, China. The two Bodhisattvas standing below are from the figure of Music Bodhisattva in the Tang Dynasty (618-907). One on the left plays the horizontal flute, one on the right plays the Sheng, and two Bodhisattvas step on the lotus, implying purity and no pollution. Music Bodhisattva is a kind of offering Bodhisattva, which mostly appears in the form of bands. On the one hand, it shows the praise to the Buddha, on the other hand, it shows the scene of joy and freedom in the paradise of the pure land of Buddha. The Diva above is also offering Bodhisattvas. The elegant body and flying flowers not only show the support to the Buddha, but also show the joy of the paradise. In the lower left corner of the picture, there are two seals of “Jiyue” and “Guishui”.

  • 洪福遠
  • Painting, Wax Painting
  • 120cm X 65cm

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