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The God of Wealth

洪福遠 , 2003

The God of wealth is in charge of wealth in Chinese Taoism. In Chinese folk customs, new year’s Eve is the busiest day during the Spring Festival. People eat dinner and stay up all night waiting for the God of wealth. The fifth day of the first month is the birthday of the God of wealth. On this day, businesses will set off firecrackers and start business in the new year. The God of wealth can be divided into the God of wealth in literature and the God of wealth in martial arts. This picture shows the God of wealth in literature,Bigan, and the boy in the lower left corner is the Wealth Boy. Bigan was the uncle of King Zhou of Shang Dynasty. He was upright and often admonished. King Zhou of Shang Dynasty was so angry that he took off Bigan’s heart. After taking Jiang Ziya’s panacea, Bigan never died, although he lost his heart. He became impartial, selfless and fair, and was deeply loved by businessmen.

  • 洪福遠
  • Painting, Wax Painting
  • 170cm X 90cm

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